Darıca Farabi EAH Raises Pregnancy School Awareness

Darıca Farabi EAH Raises Pregnancy School Awareness

Darıca Farabi Education and Research Hospital continues to show the difference of pregnant school. In addition to providing information services to mother and father candidates, it continues to raise awareness with the services it provides for postnatal baby care and baby health.

In the pregnant school of the hospital, mothers and babies are attached to the mothers and babies in a safe way, as well as the ways to communicate with their babies after the birth. It is aimed to strengthen the bond between the parent and the baby at the end of the baby massage training which will consist of two stages in practice and theoretically. During the baby massage, both the mother and the baby have a pleasant time and communicate physically and emotionally. Thanks to regular baby massages; The baby was informed that the gas / colic pains would decrease, provide better quality sleep, stimulation of circulatory, digestive, excretory systems and immune hormones and that the mental and physical development of the baby would be better.

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